Sculptures écologiques

Sculpture écologique commentée en anglais


These are branches attached to each other by a rope to form a bunch. The branches are painted blue from dark to white to form a gradient that gives the meaning of the work.

Its meaning is the passage of time.
With the beginning of the day with a very light blue, then at night with a much darker blue.

This work is « in situ », which means that it is made for the place where it is exhibited. The inspiration was the series « Les Cathédrales de Rouen » by Claude Monet, the inventor of Impressionism. Monet’s series represents the cathedral at different times of the day.

The bunches are hanging from a transparent thread along the corridor on the ground floor of the high school.
Originally it was a sphere of unpainted branches so the sphere was brown.



The pyramidal structure is mainly made of wood assembled with string and tape. A leaf carpet is inside the structure. Some more details were added to the structure like a small bell and a fake nose. The leaf carpet allows an extension of the structure’s triangular shape by expanding itself on the ground, its dull colours create a big contrast with the vibrant green of the grass.
The structure is in situ because the end of the angle is shaped by the building, bringing back the extending effect.
This sculpture represents a shelter built by a child searching for comfort. The arrow shape stands for the child’s journey to find the shelter. The bell and the nose are additional elements, wishing to make the place warmer and more comforting for the child.
This work has a lot of common points with other ones, like « The Night » by Claude Levêque in 1984. This art work is a wood and tepee painting. « The Night » is a good representation of a shelter and childhood.

Laurène, Yoann and Sasha

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